Website redesign

Welcome to the 2018 version of Webatic.

A major redesign of this website was long overdue. Today I am pleased to announce a complete reissue of this website at all levels. Over the last years the continuous increase of your visits made this renewal a top priority, so that's what you get today.

This renewal brings a number of improvements:

  • A brand new design
  • TLS / SSL enabled
  • Responsive design – i.e., Webatic is now smartphone friendly
  • Webatic also runs as a progressive web app so you can now add Webatic to your phone's homescreen
  • The old news section is now a blog with an open discussion area
  • Webatic now has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Forum in Google groups.

Along with the renewal several services have been discontinued because they were either irrelevant or rarely used or raized security concerns:

  • RSS Builder
  • Site Map Builder
  • Site Map Index Builder
  • Flash Call Builder
  • Invoice Calculator
  • Multi-coder
  • Server Response
  • Word Count
  • JavaScript Sandbox
  • RegExp Tester

More changes are on the way:

  • Several new services will launch in the near future
  • A chatbot is on its way
  • Ads will soon be added so that Webatic becomes financially sustainable
  • Future blog posts will answer a number of questions you have been asking frequently

That was a summary of the changes we released today. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google groups and stay tuned for more news from Webatic.