Cookie Policy

Effective 15 August 2018

This Cookie Policy describes the way we use cookies in our website. This Cookie Policy is a part of our Privacy Policy.

Website "cookies" is a technical term that refers to small pieces of information stored by our website in your browser. When we set a cookie and you revisit our website these cookies remind our web server and third party services of various information about you.

You may use the controls in this page to enable or disable non-essential cookies.

Essential cookies

The following cookies are essential to the operation of our website. These cookies are used internally and are not shared with anyone unless the law requires us to act otherwise.

PHPSESSID keeps the session ID of your visit. It expires about 30 minutes after your last visit.

optins keeps a list of options you have granted to our website. These include your consents on privacy issues and other essential information. It practically never expires.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a third party service that helps us gather statistics from your visits.

The Google Analytics cookies used in our website are:
_ga _gid _gat _gat_gtag_UA_10960070_6 __utma __utmt __utmb __utmc __utmz __utmv

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Disqus is a third party service that provides a discussion area in our blog posts.

The Disqus cookies used in our website are:
G_ENABLED_IDPS __utma __utmz csrftoken disqusauth disqusauths sessionid

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Our Cookie Policy may change from time to time. When it does we will make timely announcements so that you are properly informed.

You can access the Cookie Policy Archive to access prior versions of this Cookie Policy and an upcoming version when there is one.